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Spacecraft Turret Snakeboss is a fast paced shooter where you, in your hovercraft, battle a giant snake and its minions.

Fire up your engines, ready your turrets and get ready to fight a giant snake in this fight to the death!

STS Was made during the RSM-GameJam 2019 for an event called Retrospelsmässan in Gothenburg, Sweden. This game jam we were challenged to make a game under the theme "Mostly snakes, but a little bit of Space". On top of this, the game was supposed to be played on a physical arcade machine made out of cardboard boxes.

We spent about three days developing the game and about a week working on the custom controller for the arcade machine. One player controlled the ship and the other controlled the turrets. You can see some of the arcade machine gameplay in the attached video.

This version of the game lets you control both the ship and turret on your own using your keyboard and mouse, giving you the chance to defeat the snake boss.

Programming - IsacD
Art - Manaspurt
Music/Sound - Mcfluff


WASDControl the ship.
ShiftHold to enter strafe mode.
MouseAim and fire.

Install instructions

Unzip and run the executable.


STS.zip 41 MB

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